[King Shura] Chapter 14

Sorry for the super late chapter. I’ve been a little busy lately. Never knew summer vacation could get so busy…. Ugh. T_T.
Well, here’s the chapter. Enjoy.

Extra news: I got overlord book 8! Here’s a pic (NSFW).
P.S. Getting Overlord had NOTHING to do with the fact that I’ve been unable to release a chapter. This is the one thing I can swear proudly.


Chapter 14. My Name is Neng Ha Young!

With the sound of the bones twisting about, Cho Ryu Hyang’s body expanded hugely. Cho Ryu Hyang felt like his skin was going to burst. He tried to concentrate on not getting unconscious amidst all this pain. That was because he felt that if he went unconscious here, he’d most certainly die.


This kind of a pain could only be felt in hell.
While Cho Ryu Hyang struggled with pain, Um Seung Do was in a trouble of his own.

‘Damn it.’

Um Seung Do was letting out a stream of swears at the moment.
He was pouring in his energy into the boy as much as he could, but the energy seemed like it was flowing out or something. His inner energy kept going into the boy without limit. The boy was consuming his energy like a monster.


Um Seung Do’s body started to run out of energy. His neck went stiff, and his sight started to blur.

‘This is bad.’

At the same time he realized this, the vein of energy that connected his power with the boy’s rapidly started to thin out. Um Seung Do grit his teeth. His heart ached.
If he stopped outputting energy now, the boy might die. Even Buddha would be unable to save the boy if he stopped here.

Um Seung Do had to make a choice.
But there was only one option available.
He couldn’t back down.

‘Damn it, let’s see this to the end.’

Um Seung Do slightly decreased the speed he gave away his energy, all the while swearing quite a bit in his head.
He caught his breath, and switched to a completely new treatment method on the boy. Then, the energy inside Cho Ryu Hyang went through a critical change.

But it seemed like Um Seung Do was in more stress than before.
Right now, not only was he using his inner power, but he was also using his Source energy, which was never to be used, especially if that person was a martial artist.

Um Seung Do’s inner energy was being sapped away like a waterfall. Even his clothes were starting to feel heavy. His mouth started to go dry.

Right then.

His inner energy stopped flowing, as if something clogged it.

King Shura 14

Um Seung Do stopped his inner energy flow with a confused face.
He then took his hands off Cho Ryu Hyang’s back.


The moment he took off his hands, he fell backwards.

‘Did I succeed?’

He couldn’t even move his fingers.
But he still had to see the result of his work.

When he lifted his head, he could barely make out Cho Ryu Hyang, whose size have come back to its original size. He could also see that the boy’s body was expanding and contracting a little, as if the body itself was breathing.

Looking at that, Um Seung Do smiled.
He then collapsed.

* * *

“Are you alright?”

Um Seung Do stared at Jo Gi Chun with a dumb face.
He blinked a bit, and stood back up.

“How long have I been out?”

“About 10 days.”

Um Seung Do’s face went pale, he immediately started to look around himself.
He was in the carriage.

“Wh, where am I?”

Jo Gi Chun smiled.
He knew what the man was worried about.

“Where do you think we are?”

Um Seung Do spoke with a miserable face.

“We haven’t gone very far, have we?”

Jo Gi Chun shook his head.

“We will be at Port Wuling soon.”


Um Seung Do asked a question after blinking a few times.

“We went past Castle Shaanxi?”


After taking off at Castle Shanxi, they were nearing their destination, Castle Gansu. They went past two castles in only two days. It was an amazing speed. Um Seung Do spaced out for a moment, then recovered shortly after to message the driver.

[Who are you, at the driver’s seat?]

[Sir, we would sacrifice our lives for you.] (I have no clue if “진명(盡命)” is being used as a name or a vocabulary word.)

[I owe you quite a bit. You’ve worked hard.]

[This is nothing. This one just followed the orders you gave out.]

Um Seung Do nodded.
It was good that he planned everything out before he got unconscious.
Thankfully, it didn’t seem like anything bad happened.

[Thank you. I won’t forget this.]

[This one just followed orders.]

While Um Seung Do was feeling relief at the driver’s words, Cho Ryu Hyang spoke up to him.

“How’s your body?”

Um Seung Do’s face hardened.
Come to think of it, he didn’t check up on his body yet.

‘How much did I lose?’

Um Seung Do checked his inner power with a nervous face.
What he found surprised him.

‘My power increased?’

Just what was going on?
Why did his internal power increase, when he even used the Source energy?
After contemplating quite a bit on what happened, Um Seung Do nodded. His Source energy ran out quite a bit, but since he did manage to surpass his limits, his Dantian’s size expanded.

‘This feels quite strange.’

While Um Seung Do had a dumb expression on his face, the carriage’s speed started to decrease.

[Sir, there’s a problem up ahead.]

[What problem?]

[It’s….. I think you’ll have to see for yourself.]

Um Seung Do’s face wrinkled.
The carriage slowly came to a halt.

Jo Gi Chun and Cho Ryu Hyang tried to open the door when the carriage stopped, out of habit.
There was a new sight every time they went out, and then they would immediately take off to another destination. But it seemed this wasn’t the case this time.

“Please, wait here for a moment.”

Um Seung Do stopped the two from what they were doing, and opened the door himself.
Was there a major problem outside?
Cho Ryu Hyang’s thoughts were interrupted by the body of water that he could spot through the crack in the door.

A giant river.
He could see the yellow river, which ran across China.
Near the docks, which was located not far away, were a group of people.


A few people near the boats ran to Um Seung Do.
He received a message from one of them at the same time.

[They’re not easy. We didn’t think we could decide the outcome of the fight, so we were waiting for you to come.]

Um Seung Do’s face twisted at the message. This plan to deliver an old man was getting harder than expected. The people he posted at each checkpoint all held considerable power. But for them to not be able to fight, the people who came here probably weren’t normal. Um Seung Do glared at the five newcomers that came here.

“What do you want here?”

“Are you the owner of this boat?”

A young man with cold eyes stepped up.
He seemed like he just entered his thirties.
Um Seung Do sized up his opponent.

‘This guy….’

He was an expert.
A peak expert, at that.
Um Seung Do was a bit shocked at this.

‘This is a face I haven’t seen before.’

The problem was, he didn’t know this expert.
There were only about 500 experts who reached the peak so far. Their information were all stored away in Um Seung Do’s brain. This just went to show how much power the church had when it came to information gathering.

Then, a person he saw for the first time in his life, emerged as a peak expert.
A big hole appeared in his information archives for the first time.

“I own this ship, yes. Who are you?”

The man shook his head.

“I cannot tell you who I am. Please understand. I’ll say what I came here for. We need that ship. We tried to negotiate with the people for half a day now, which was frustrating us at this point.”

Um Seung Do tilted his head.

“You need this ship?”

“Yes. Please let us borrow it. No, we’ll just buy it. With the crew.”

When the man took out money, Um Seung Do quickly refused it.

“It’s fine. I’m not planning on selling the ship.”

The man spoke.

“I’ll pay 3 times the original price.”

The man had a voice that implied, “are you still not going to sell it?” At that, Um Seung Do just smirked.

“I’m not planning on selling it, even with 10 times the original price.”

The man’s face stiffened.
He thought Um Seung Do was mocking him.
After reading his face, Um Seung Do quickly denied it.

“I’m not mocking you, please don’t misunderstand.”

Um Seung Do backed down here, since he didn’t really want to fight.
At that, the man’s face softened a bit.

“We have an urgent matter to attend to. We need that ship.”

“We also need the ship because of an urgent matter. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to find a different ship.”

Um Seung Do kindly declined again.
He was actually being really polite right now, unlike his usual self.
The man in front kept pushing Um Seung Do, as if he didn’t know any of that.

“I already tried searching everywhere. This is the only ship nearby. So please, let us use this ship.”

“Sorry, but we do need this ship quite badly.”

The faces of the people on the other side started to turn bad.
It seemed like they, too, were being quite patient.

‘So what?’

Um Seung Do suppressed his anger, and put on a calm face. He couldn’t hand over the ship, no matter how desperate these people were. He had a mission he had to carry out, after all.

The man realized that Um Seung Do wasn’t a normal person, seeing that he was able to take on the murderous aura that came from his side.

‘He’s an expert.’

This seemingly normal man here was an expert in disguise.
An expert the young man couldn’t possibly estimate the power of.
The man here was probably quite stronger than the young man.

The young man’s face turned serious.
Right then, a young girl came out from the group of men. The young man’s face turned pale.


“It’s ok. I’ll take it from here.”

The girl here was wearing a bamboo hat (竹笠) that covered the whole of her face. Um Seung Do’s face turned to that of surprise when he saw her.

‘It’s a girl?’

She was a young one, at that.
A company of martial artists accompanying a young girl…… Um Seung Do was trying to find out who this girl was, by flipping through his mental archives. The girl spoke.

“We’ve been rude to a great expert like you. We apologize.”

“……There’s nothing to be sorry about, is there?”

When Um Seung Do pretended that there was nothing to worry about, the girl adjusted her bamboo hat and spoke teasingly.

“Are you from the Heavenly Demon Church, by any chance?”

Um Seung Do’s face, which seemed emotionless just a moment ago, went through a big change.
He was surprised by the girl saying the name of the church.

“The Heavenly Demon Church!”

The people who guarded the young girl were also surprised.
They quickly formed a wall around the girl, and looked at Um Seung Do with hostile eyes.
The men looked like they would move in to kill Um Seung Do if he even twitched.

“…….I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Um Seung Do tried to shake it off by putting on a poker face.
But he was a little late. His timing was slightly off, it seemed.
The girl wasn’t falling for it.

“As I thought.”


Um Seung Do started thinking quietly.
Should he just kill everyone and leave?
He could do it. But there was something that bothered him a little.

[Should we take care of them?]

It seemed that his underlings were thinking the same thing, but when Um Seung Do heard it, he immediately shook his head. This wasn’t the place to do such things. They were out in the open, and someone could easily see them when they fought.

If this was the property of the Heavenly Demon Church, Um Seung Do would’ve taken care of them without second thought. But this wasn’t the property of the Heavenly Demon Church. Things would get annoying if he got into an accident. While he was thinking about such things, the girl spoke again.

“You’re going to the Qilian mountains, right? We can go there together.”

Um Seung Do stared at the girl with narrow eyes.
He didn’t know who this girl was, but he didn’t even care anymore. The smile on his face slowly disappeared.

“I guess I have no choice, after all.”

After sorting out his thoughts, he started exuding a fierce aura with a cold face.

He didn’t know who this person was, but she said things that shouldn’t have been said.
She knew what was going on with the church in the mountains, but still talked about it in front of him? He had to kill her now.

“You said something you shouldn’t have said. If you have any last words, say them here.”

When he made up his mind to kill someone, a fierce aura started coming out of Um Seung Do. He didn’t want to kill anyone for the sake of the guest inside the carriage. But he had no choice this time. When Um Seung Do fingered his sword hilt, the girl removed her bamboo hat.
Her face was exposed to him.


She seemed to be near 16.
She was a girl that was sure to be a beautiful lady in the future. And her face was one that was inside Um Seung Do’s mental archives.

“My name is Neng Ha Young. Pleased you meet you.”

Um Seung Do’s face twisted badly.
He took his hands off the sword hilt.
He knew that this was a person that would be troublesome to kill.

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