[King Shura] Chapter 86

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Chapter 86. The Destroyed Formation

The female monks of the Emei Sect were famous for never making a move in the outside world.

Along with the Shaolin Sect and the South Sea Putuo Sect, the Emei Sect formed the three holy buddhist grounds. Because of this, their buddhist aspects were very strong.

And because of that, they were extremely isolated.

Of course, they would take action once things started to happen within their grounds.

The things that happened in the Emei Sect were their responsibility.

Just like what was happening at the moment.


The experts of the Emei Sect, who were running somewhere urgently, suddenly stopped.

They looked into their eyes, and spoke.

“Amitabha……. Their presence disappeared.”


“What shall we do?”

The head of the group, Junghwa Sate, took out a rosary, and thought as she rubbed the beads.

This place wasn’t that far from the main mountain of the Emei Sect.

It was definitely on the boundaries of their lands, but it wasn’t so much of a place where someone could do whatever they wanted.

Especially if the source of that clash of energy from before was involved.

If an external force had invaded, there was a need to chase them down.

That was their mission.

“We’ll need to check what happened.”



The experts of the Emei Sect moved even faster than before.

‘At least a peak expert.’

The clash of energy that shook the air itself.

It was definitely something that could only happen when two peak experts attacked each other at full force.

While Junghwa Sate looked calm on the outside, she was actually extremely nervous.

She tightened her grip on the rosary beads, and thought.

‘Hopefully it’s not the Heavenly Demon Church…….’

There was a chance that they might find evidence of the church at the battleground.

That was something that she really didn’t want.

Their mission was to track down the invaders and dispose of them, no matter who they were.

If the invaders were the Demon Church, the results from fighting with them would be obvious.

‘Even if we find evidence…….’

In the worst case, she was thinking of ignoring the evidence to pretend nothing happened.

They couldn’t afford to even come in contact with the church.

Even if the church provoked them.

Junghwa Sate prayed with a weak face.

‘Amitabha…… Amitabha…….’

Having no power in the martial world.

There was nothing worse than that.


One of the monks pointed to a place.

Junghwa Sate bit her lips.

She needed to be the one to find the evidence.

She would be able to cover it up as long as she found it first.

After all, if it happened to be the Demon Church, there was a need to hide the evidence.

Right then, Junghwa Sate stopped moving.

She then tried to grab the monk at the very front with a pale face.

But…… She was too late.

The monk disappeared into thin air.


“W, what is…….”

When all the experts simultaneously made a shocked face.

“Step back!”

The experts of the Emei Sect moved back when they heard this.

Junghwa Sate looked around, and spoke quietly.

“…….This is a formation.”


“Yes, a formation. Amitabha…….”

She experienced something like this back when she went to the Zhuge Clan.

She only experienced it once, but this really made a difference between heaven and earth.

She was able to see what was going on in an instant, because of her experience with formations in the past.


Why couldn’t she see before?

The strange energy that was being emanated from the area in front of her.

Junghwa Sate cursed her idiocy, and bit her lips.

“Can’t you feel its power?”

Everyone focused at those words, but they were unable to feel anything.

Only first-rate experts could sense a formation.

‘This is bad.’

She patrolled this place frequently in the past.

It was a place that everyone in the sect passed by at least once or twice.

She was certain it didn’t have a formation in the past.

That would mean that the formation was created recently. That couldn’t be good news.

After thinking a bit, Junghwa Sate bit her lips and spoke.

“We’ll have to destroy it.”

Finding out who made the formation, and why he made it all came later.

The formation currently had one of her monks stuck in it.

Junghwa Sate took a deep breath, and put up her sleeves.

She then put out her hands forward.


With a sound of an old door opening, a load of pressurized air flew out of Junghwa Sate’s hands.

It was the signature technique of the sect, the Great Strength Palm Strike.




Junghwa Sate flew back with a giant sound.

“Martial Aunt!”

“Are you alright?”

When the experts took Junghwa Sate by their arms.

Junghwa Sate’s face was extremely pale.

She took a deep breath, and waved them away as she stood back up.

“……Set up the Demon Sealing Formation. We’re going to destroy this in one go.”


The Demon Sealing formation.

It was the Emei Sect’s strongest formation.

It was a formation that required at least 5 people, and its power depended quite a bit on the strength of its users.




The energy of the ten members who created the formation condensed at the spot where Junghwa Sate was.

Junghwa Sate condensed the energy further into her hands.

She then proceeded to shape the energy into a bead-like form.

Her hands were beginning to emit a golden light.

When this golden light became immensely bright, Junghwa Sate widened her eyes.


When she stretched out her hands, the Emei Sect’s Great Strength Golden Palm Strike was unleashed.


With an ear-deafeningly loud noise, the area in front of the monks distorted greatly.

Junghwa Sate watched this with a pale face.

‘We failed.’

The attack just now had all their strength put into it.

But the formation was powerful enough to resist that.

It just shook a bit from the attack.

When Junghwa Sate let out a sigh of amazement.

The formation began to tremble.

“Move back.”

When she said this.




A sound that resembled having glass scratched appeared.

The experts of the Emei Sect shouted in pain.

At the same time, the formation in front of them shattered like glass.

Junghwa Sate became extremely confused at the sight.


The formation broke, even when their power was insufficient?

Something strange was going on.

Right then.

[…….Damn kid.]

A small lifeform stumbled out of the dust cloud.

A rabbit.

It stared at the eleven dumbfounded monks in front of it, then smirked.



A talking rabbit?

And the thing it was holding in its hands was the monk that fell into the formation earlier.

When she was about to make a move.

The rabbit let go of the monk it was dragging with its hands.

[Eh, it was hard enough trying to survive on my own. Why’d you have to drop in a useless baggage like that? Annoying.]


Junghwa Sate made her subordinates move back, and made a concerned face.

That obviously wasn’t a normal rabbit.

To think that much energy could come from a single rabbit…….

It’s power was inhumanely large.

Just looking at it made her nervous.

[I never would’ve thought that I’d actually be helped by some damn monks.]

The rabbit made an annoyed face, cracked its neck a few times, and stretched a bit.

It looked at Junghwa Sate, and spoke annoyedly.

[I’ll pay you back in the future. I’m just too busy at the moment…… See you later, damn monk.]


Junghwa Sate was unable to say anything until the rabbit disappeared abruptly from its spot.

When the rabbit disappeared, she dropped down on the ground like a doll.

“Amitabha……. Amitabha…….”

She was unable to say anything other than buddhist scriptures after what she had just seen.

* * *

[Damn, I feel so embarrassed.]

The rabbit was extremely ashamed at the moment.

It never thought it would be shamed to this degree by a mere human.

[Well, at least I wasn’t humiliated to the utmost, since it was a full moon…….]

Most monsters went through an increase in strength at full moon.

It was the same for the rabbit.

Since it was a moon rabbit, the full moon’s effects helped it even more.

If it wasn’t for that, it really would’ve died in the formation.

[Just what was that field…….]

The rabbit had never experienced such a terrifying thing.

The rabbit trembled a bit as it remembered the formation.

It looked down at its body, and nodded.

Its body was healing rapidly thanks to the moon.

[Tch, once I get my hands on that Dragon Pearl…….]

It should be able to recover half its strength with the pearl.

[But……. It’s quite regretful.]

It didn’t look like the pearl was the real thing.

Based on the tiny cracks on the pearl, it looked like the boy killed a random imugi and ate the pearl. But the pearl was still much too valuable for a human.

And the human wasn’t even using it right.

It was truly a waste.


The rabbit repeatedly used teleportation to catch up to the boy.

[Hehehe…… Just you wait.]

Although the pearl was incomplete, it would still help it recover.

It should give it enough power to fly.


[Well, I did manage to catch up…….]

The rabbit scratched its ears with a troubled face.

Following the kid was good.

There was no way it’d lose track of the boy, since it never could lose a person.

But the problem lay with the place where the boy was at.

[Looks like the mortal world really became a dangerous place while I was gone.]

The rabbit looked at the area the boy was at, and frowned.

Along with the guy who wore the mask from before, there was a new guy with a similar strength as the mask man.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.09.42 AM.png


The rabbit frowned even more.

No one in the house the boy was at was normal.

There were a lot of them in the first place, but each and every one of these people were quite strong.


That kid seemed to be an important person among the humans.

It couldn’t just charge in through the front, because these people were so strong.

To be honest, it wasn’t confident that it could survive in there with its current strength.

[What shall I do, then…….]

It needed to meet the child without having anyone notice.

What could it do to achieve that?

After a moment of thought, the rabbit’s eyes began to gleam.

It had thought of a pretty good plan.

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