[King Shura] Chapter 90

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Chapter 90. Collision.

Un Hui thought that his calmness was his greatest virtue.

It was an ability that allowed him to access the situation calmly at all times.

Perhaps some people would say that Un Hui was excessively calm, but Un Hui didn’t think that was a problem.

Especially at times like these.

‘So today’s the fourth day…….’

Was the heir’s prediction wrong?

Galm Mun Hyuk didn’t really do much.

He checked up on his subordinates at his company every day, recorded their losses and profits in his book, and traded goods with different merchants.

Unlike how he acted in front of Cho Ryu Hyang, he was quick, cold, and efficient.

‘So he was hiding his true self……’

When it came to work, this man was extremely talented. He seemed to care much about his family as well.

He realized how useful of a man this Gal Mun Hyuk was, but he learned nothing else about the man.

But Un Hui stayed patient, and didn’t let his guard down.

‘I’ll watch him till dawn.’

There was still plenty of time before night.

Before then, many things could happen.

And around evening, something happened.

Gal Mun Hyuk began to act strangely.

‘He’s getting on a carriage? At this time?’

He didn’t know when the man prepared it, but Gal Mun Hyuk moved to the back of his house, and got on a carriage that was parked there.

Un Hui melted into the roof of the carriage, and thought a bit.

‘I should be careful.’

Something was different.

He realized that the man was about to do something.

The carriage that held Gal Mun Hyuk and Un Hui moved away from the city, and kept moving for a long time.

Soon enough, they reached a small mountain building, and stopped.

‘Secret Mountain Hut…..’

It had a strange name.

Multiple thoughts floated up in his mind, but Un Hui got rid of those thoughts for now, and lowered his presence as much as possible.

He then calmly continued to watch Gal Mun Hyuk.

Gal Mun Hyuk got off the carriage, then walked into the building, completely ignoring the guards in front.

The guards did not stop the man.

When he saw those guards, Un Hui licked his lips.


They were just guards.

But they were using four first-rates as guards?

This was strange.

Un Hui lowered his presence even more, and followed behind Gal Mun Hyuk.

“Gal Mun Hyuk greets the master.”

Un Hui frowned as he looked at Gal mUn Hyuk bow.

There were far too many experts in this one building.

‘Thirty experts inside…… if I count those outside as well, there’s more than a hundred.’

Un Hui turned even more cautious.

Most of them were close to becoming peak experts.

This proved that the ones behind Gal Mun Hyuk were far stronger than he initially expected.

“Right. So how was the heir?”

Gal Mun Hyuk respectfully looked up at the man at the highest seat in the building, and opened his mouth.

“The man was different from anything you had expected.”

“Hoh, really now? That’s interesting.”

The man at the top seat.

He seemed quite young compared to the position he held.

Un Hui looked at the young man for a bit, then frowned even more.

‘He didn’t learn martial arts?’

Un Hui was a harmonious expert.

He could detect just about anyone who had learned martial arts.

But he couldn’t detect any signs of martial arts from that man.

That man did not learn any martial arts at all.


What should he call it?

He could feel a sense of alienation from the man.

‘What is it?’

That man seemed far too relaxed, even as a man who never learned martial arts.

Gal Mun Hyuk was a first-rate expert.

But the man was actually managing to pressure Gal Mun Hyuk?

And the presence of that man encased the entire building.

This was extremely strange.

As Un Hui thought of the strange points of this young man,

the young man opened his mouth.

“So, how was he different? The heir, that is.”

“The heir was an extremely young child. Although the boy seemed smart, but he was still a child.”


The young man blinked a few times, and scratched the back of his head.

“I don’t really like killing children…… and since the church is heavily guarded, it would be hard to try and kill him.”

When the man hesitated a bit, Gal Mun Hyuk spoke.

“I made a deal with that child. We will have a chance to kill him soon. As there are matters where the heir will have to appear directly, there will be cases where he exposes himself.”

“Then leak the date and time to the North Sea Ice Palace, Nanman Beast Gate, the Black Moon Guild, and the Alliance. Don’t forget anyone. They will then kill the heir for us.”

Un Hui’s eyes lit up with intense fire.

He had just heard of the plans to kill the heir.

And strangely enough, they weren’t affiliated with the four great powers.

‘Who are they?’

As Un Hui looked on with a confused face, Gal Mun Hyuk bowed respectfully and spoke.

“Understood. I will leak the information to the four places.”

“We will move after they fight. We have to take everyone out, after all.”


“The General will go himself as well. He will appear on the battlefield with the strongest troop in the world, so you may go assist us at that time as well.”

Un Hui’s eyes widened.

Once he heard of the word “General”, he was reminded of a single group.

‘The imperial palace!’

At that moment, a shock ran down Un Hui’s body.

At the same time, somebody appeared like a shadow directly behind the young man.

“He was tailed.”


“That idiot got tailed.”

As soon as those words were said, a light shone out.


With a sharp sound, a frightening amount of sword qi exploded from the back of the young man.

As Un Hui was already on guard, he was able to dodge it easily.


The roof collapsed, and rocks flew everywhere.

From inside the dust cloud, Un Hui stared out with a cold gaze.

“What the? He’s stronger than I thought?”

The man who walked out from the back of the young man was a thin man with a very feminine appearance.

His pale, white skin with his red lips made others feel sexually attracted to to the man.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 3.05.32 PM.png

“I had wanted to fight a harmonious expert at least once…. this is a good chance.”

“Eh? He’s a harmonious expert?”

“Yeah. He’s at least as strong as me. This is going to be quite interesting.”

The pale-skinned man licked his lips, and narrowed his eyes.

“That man’s actually as strong as you, Tai (太) Gonggong (公公)?”

“Yeah. But don’t worry. I’m confident in being able to protect you.”

The young man blinked a few times, and turned to Un Hui.

He shook his head a few times, and walked forward.

“What are you doing?”

“Please step back.”

“What? Just watch. I told you that I could protect you, didn’t I?”

Tai Gonggong.

The man narrowed his eyes, and glared at the young man in front of him.

“Are you telling me that you’d ruin my fun?”

The young man made a troubled face, and opened his mouth.

“It would be fun to watch you have fun, but if we kill or lose that man, the General will be very mad.”

Tai Gonggong hesitated when he heard the word “General”.

Then, he looked at Un Hui with a disappointed face.

“Those kinds of guys are really rare…… and it’s going to be my first chance to fight guys like that without restrictions from the palace…….”

“You’ll have many chances soon, Gonggong. After all, are we not in the martial world right now?”


“Sure, there must be many others like that man over there.”

“…….Tch, fine. I’ll let go of it this time. I won’t let this pass next time, though.”

“Thank you, Tai Gonggong.”


Un Hui listened in on the conversation without saying anything.

He let go of the fact that they treated him like a caught prey as well.

He didn’t feel bad at all for some reason.

It was probably because that monster that resembled both man and woman was strong as he.

‘So the palace made its move…….’

The heir was right.

The Imperial Palace was far too dangerous.

It was a power that was far stronger than anyone else in the martial world.

‘If the army moves, everyone dies.’

That was the thought of everyone in the martial world.

At that moment, the young man slowly moved forward, and confronted Un Hui.

There was a distance of about 7 zhang (20 meters) between them.

The young man looked at Un Hui and smiled.

“You are not invited here, and should have not been here.”


Un Hui looked at the young man with a calm gaze.

He was actually more concerned about the yinyang person (an individual who possesses the genitals of both man and woman) behind this young man.

‘Where did I feel this……’

The feeling he got from this scholarly young man in front of him was definitely something he had felt before.

‘What is this?’

Un Hui looked at the young man with caution.

Then, the young man opened his mouth.

“My name is Ju Ho Yu. What would your name be?”

“……Is there a need to tell you?”

Ju Ho Yu, the man dubbed with the title of being the greatest mathematician in the world, grinned.

“That’s quite disappointing. Well…… we’re probably going to spend much time together, so we’ll have plenty of time to learn it, I guess.”

“What makes you think we’ll have a lot of time together?”

“Well, I just feel like we’ll have a lot of time……”

Once Ju Ho Yu took something out of his pocket, Un Hui widened his eyes.

Un Hui knew exactly what that man was once he saw the object from Ju Ho Yu.

“You’ll have to stay for the time being.”


The wooden box the man took out broke, and jewels fell out from it.

At the same time, Un Hui began to move back as fast as possible.


‘Was I too late?’


Un Hui frowned as he disappeared.

Tai Gonggong whistled as he watched all this.

“Wow~ so that’s the formation thing that the General talked about so much?”

“Ah…. yes, it’s just a simple trick of mine, though.”

“It must cost a lot of money.”

“Yes. I wouldn’t even have been able to use this without the General’s help. I brought this along in case of an emergency, and the formation was still in experimental phases, but it still managed to work. That’s a relief.”

“An ability to capture a harmonious expert alive…… It’s no surprise the General entrusted you with all this work.”

Tai Gonggong looked at the space in front of him curiously as he said this.

“You shouldn’t get near. The formation’s still activating, so it’s quite dangerous.”

“I know. I heard from the General already.”

Although he acted fine on the outside, Tai Gonggong was actually extremely surprised.

‘This is a scary power.’

A harmonious expert was something that couldn’t be created even with hundreds of experts training for a lifetime.

Only a few people were ever able to break through the shell of human limits, and get into the harmonious realm…….

A power that was able to capture a harmonious expert so easily, like this?

A small laughter escaped out of Tai Gonggong’s lips when he thought this.

‘Well, I can kill him whenever I want, though.’

If they ever became enemies, he’d have to kill the man as soon as possible.

He would die if he didn’t do that.

This young man actually happened to be an extremely frightening being.

As Tai Gonggong consoled himself like this, Ju Ho Yu frowned.

“Eh, could this be?!”


The ground shook slightly.

It was enough to shake the entire building.

When Gal Mun Hyuk was about to move away from the formation,


The scene in front of them shattered to pieces, and a bright light came out from it.

And that light began to shoot towards Ju Ho Yu.

“I won’t allow you to do that!”

Tai Gonggong took his sword, and swung it towards the light.


With a giant sound, something bounced backwards with speed.

That thing continued to move out of the building without stopping.

“Playing tricks? Get him!”


Tens of shadows began to chase Un Hui at Tai Gonggong’s words.

Once he confirmed that his subordinates had all disappeared, he looked at Ju Ho Yu with a worried face.

“Hey, you alright?”


When Ju Ho Yu nodded with a dumb face, Tai Gonggong opened his mouth with a frown.

“That bastard played tricks to escape from the start. But you don’t have to worry. My subordinates are first-rate hounds. That guy will get caught for sure.”


Ju Ho Yu looked down at the ground with a crestfallen face.

The fact that he almost died just now didn’t matter.

What made him feel really depressed was the fact that his formation got broken so easily.

‘Just how?’

Although it was still in experimental phases, he was sure that the formation could even hold the General himself at bay.

But his belief got shattered mercilessly just now.

‘This isn’t real.’

This was a portable formation that he developed after much work.

Although making just one took him immense work and time along with money, he had thought that he would be able to get through just about any situations with just this.

But that wasn’t true.

‘Was I being too pretentious?’

As Ju Ho Yu looked at the ground dumbly, Tai Gonggong was thinking of something else.

‘That guy just now definitely wasn’t one of the fifteen guests.’ (TL Note: 7 kings, 5 emperors, and 3 sovereigns if you don’t remember. Gongson Chun Gi is one of the Sovereigns)

He saw the martial arts techniques performed by the man clearly.

That man wasn’t part of the 15 guests for sure.

This just made everything more interesting.

It showed him that there were many powerful people in the martial world.

When he realized this, a giant grin appeared on Tai Gonggong’s face.

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    1. No, it was just that our MC made his guards used to sudden formations

      And this guy doesn’t have experience dealing with people that are used to it…

      This leader guy is also making the assumption that it was the formation’s mistake rather than the fact that someone else with a similar skill might exist.


      1. I think formations are also influence by where they’re set up, so making a portable one guarantees that it will be sub-optimal. The MC’s are tailored to their environment though, so they’re generally as good as they can be unless he intentionally weakens them.


    1. To be honest, I dunno if one was superior to the other, but Ju Ho Yu’s formation’s advantage was surprise, but Un Hui knew the feeling of inscriptions and was able to escape before it trapped him.

      Didn’t matter which was superior….


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I’d just like to point out that the this Novel has made me feel a notion of “The only thing that can beat an Harmonious Expert, is another Harmonious Expert”. So, in light of that thought, “To beat a Formation Expert, one needs another Formation Expert”.

    How did Un Hui get out of Ju Ho Yu’s formation? Cho Ryu Hyang gave him something to break a formation with. That’s how I see it.


    1. In this novel, the one thing that beats everything is “more power”. As long as one has enough strength, they can break out of any situation. You can easily see this happening when the monks attacked with great strength at the formation the Maksu the rabbit was trapped in. Pure power from the monks + Maksu destroyed the unbeatable formation Cho Ryu Hyang made. Basically, “If enough pressure is exerted on a stick, it snaps.” That goes for basically everything in this novel. In Cho Ryu Hyang’s case… plot armor, lol. That and the boy has superior formation skills.

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