[King Shura] Chapter 101

Chapter 101. The Move of The Four Powers

Edited by: Chrysanthemum


It was early morning.


No Jin Nyung stood up from his spot as he stretched his tired body.


As he stretched, he took a look at Cho Ryu Hyang right next to him.


‘He seems to have slept more than before?’


Cho Ryu Hyang usually woke up at a regular time every day.


He would wake up once he got enough sleep for himself.


But something was different today.


‘Is he tired?’


No Jin Nyung didn’t think much of it at first.


He only felt that something was wrong when his master didn’t wake up even after noon.




Around the time when the No Jin Nyung’s stomach began to rumble,


No Jin Nyung, who didn’t really know what to do, ended up turning a little mechanism above Cho Ryu Hyang’s bed.




With a small shake, some invisible presence that had blocked No Jin Nyung beforehand disappeared..


No Jin Nyung carefully walked right beside Cho Ryu Hyang’s bed, and turned the mechanism back to its original spot.




A hot wind surrounded the general area, and formed a circular barrier around Cho Ryu Hyang.


It was a sort of a defensive formation Cho Ryu Hyang set up before sleeping.


‘I never get tired of seeing this.’


The first time the heir showed him this formation, No Jin Nyung was surprised out of his mind.


There was a way to separate the inside and the outside completely, just by fiddling with a simple mechanism?


Moreover, not even he, a harmonious expert, was able to sense the formation.


Only when he focused his senses to the utmost was he able to sense that “something” was there.


If an outsider unknowingly went in, he would be trapped inside an invisible prison.




No Jin Nyung frowned once he deactivated the formation and neared the bed.


He could see that the heir’s face was slightly contorted.


“Eh? Is he having a nightmare?”


Should he wake him up?


Or should he let him sleep?


As he contemplated on what he should do, a small moan escaped Cho Ryu Hyang’s lips.




Cho Ryu Hyang seemed extremely painful.


No Jin Nyung decided to stop thinking, and just wake up his master.








No Jin Nyung moved back, and shook off the electricity that coiled up his arm.




Electricity dissipated into the air, causing No Jin Nyung’s hair to stand, but No Jin Nyung was unable to pay attention to that.


A living person outputting electricity?


Was this something that even made sense?


No Jin Nyung was extremely shocked, but he had no time to dwell on his surprise. A warning bell was going off in his mind.


“Lim bro, you there?”


[……What the heck was that?]


No Jin Nyung looked somewhere outside the defensive formation as he heard the question from the leader of the Mara’s Wind Division.


“Looks like something happened to the heir. We’ll need a doctor.”


As soon as No Jin Nyung finished his sentence, a Lim Hak Gyum emerged from the darkness.


“I sent my subordinate. The doctor should be here soon. May I go in as well?”


“Shoot, wait a second.”


No Jin Nyung disabled the formation, and let Lim Hak Gyum come in.


“You should take a look as well, Lim bro. I’m dumb, so I can’t really see what’s wrong here..”


Lim Hak Gyum nodded as he listened to No Jin Nyung talk to him as if he was some old man next door.


He had felt this multiple times before, but this No Jin Nyung was extremely immature, contrary to his power.


Because of that, he had been distrustful of the man before, but it seemed that his worries were needless.


No Jin Nyung’s face was filled with fear and desperation right now.


The man honestly was worried of Cho Ryu Hyang.


Lim Hak Gyum made a serious face, and put his hand on Cho Ryu Hyang.






Lim Hak Gyum got struck by the electricity and got repelled back.


But because he had been protecting himself beforehand, the damage he took in was less than No Jin Nyung’s.




The electricity was stronger than he had expected.


Lim Hak Gyum quickly used his inner energy to dissipate the electricity in his body.


“What do you think, Lim bro? Why is he sleeping for so long? Is he just tired? Even so, I never heard of anyone shooting electricity while sleeping, so what’s going on?”


Lim Hak Gyum, instead of responding, carefully dissipated the electricity inside him. He let out a deep breath, and responded.


“There was a time when the heir became like this in the past. But he didn’t show such a violent reaction like this…….”


No Jin Nyung became confused when Lim Hak Gyum spoke uncertainly.


“Was this before I was there?”




“How did he wake up then?”


“He woke up a few days after the Pope took a look at him.”


“Really? Then we just have to wait? That’s simple.”


No Jin Nyung smiled, as if he was happy with the unexpectedly simple method to cure his master.


But Lim Hak Gyum shook his head.


“We can’t be sure. After all, the pope himself was there.”


“Do we have to get the pope here then?”


“That’s quite difficult as well. There’s still a month till he would come.”




No Jin Nyung began to stroke his chin with a frown.


He was beginning to do something that didn’t suit him at all, which was to think.


Lim Hak Gyum made a difficult face as well.


The current situation outside wasn’t very good.


Just the fact alone that the Alliance and the Black Moon Guild got into an alliance was problematic.




Unexpectedly enough, the heir was quite calm about this.


It was almost as if he had expected this.


But Lim Hak Gyum knew that the heir did not know anything about this.


Right then.


Vuun vun vun-


A purple energy began to flow from the heir’s body.


“What’s this?”


When No Jin Nyung took a look at what was inside, he found a set of bracelets that emitted a strange light.


They were bracelets that Cho Ryu Hyang received on the way to Sichuan, the bracelets that served to repress the Shura Environment.


This bracelet was currently trembling whilst emitting a purple light.


“The heir really has a lot of strange toys.”


No Jin Nyung looked at the bracelet with an interested face, then turned to Lim Hak Gyum.


He didn’t know what to do.




Right then, Un Hui opened the door ran in with a pale face.


Without saying a word, he ran towards Cho Ryu Hyang, and checked if his master was doing alright.


“Why are you here?”


No Jin Nyung looked at Un Hui distastefully.


Un Hui didn’t respond, and looked over Cho Ryu Hyang.


“I heard something happened to the master from the doctor.”


“Man, word flies fast. But what happened to the doctor?”


“He’s coming. What happened?”


Cho Ryu Hyang’s sweating body and his frown clearly indicated that he was in a lot of pain. But Un Hui couldn’t figure out what was wrong.


Therefore, Un Hui stretched his hand out.




Un Hui flinched back the moment he touched Cho Ryu Hyang’s forehead.


He frowned as he felt the electricity flowed inside him, but he quickly redirected it all into the wall next to him.


“Just what is…….”


“Uhehehehe! I knew that would happen to you.”


Un Hui frowned, and quickly turned away to Lim Hak Gyum when No Jin Nyung laughed at him.


This guy really was useless.


“What happened?”


“I don’t know. But one thing I know for sure is that not even doctors would know much about this.”


The doctor rushed in as Un Hui’s face began to contort.


Un Hui took a look at the doctor for a second, hesitated for a second, then turned to Lim Hak Gyum with a downcast face.


Lim Hak Gyum seemed to have thought the same thing, and just nodded lightly.


“I, I will take a look, then.”




The doctor became confused for a second because of the silence in the room, but eventually went on to try to see what was wrong with Cho Ryu Hyang.








Un Hui grabbed the doctor as the man flew away, and quickly let the electricity out.


“Are you alright?”


“Hak, hak!”


The doctor looked at Cho Ryu Hyang, and then at Un Hui several times with a surprised face.


“Apologies, but please understand. We just wanted to see if you were able to do anything.”


No Jin Nyung sighed as he watched the doctor nod dumbly.


“Let’s just leave him be. We can’t do anything.”


Un Hui nodded with a complicated face.


The moment he recovered, his master got in a bad condition.


At that moment, he noticed the bracelets in No Jin Nyung’s hand.


“Why do you have that?”


“This? You know what it is?”


If Un Hui remembered correctly, these bracelets were given to Cho Ryu Hyang by Gongson Ahri.


‘Wasn’t it the thing that the Pope wanted to hand over?’


What seemed to be a normal bracelet in the past was now letting out a purple light.


It was almost as if it was asking to be used.


‘Come to think of it, the Pope wears a similar set of bracelets as well.’


The bracelets definitely must do something, seeing that even the Pope wears it.


After thinking for a moment, Un Hui snatched away the bracelets from No Jin Nyung.



“There is something that I would like to ask you, chief Lim Hak Gyum.”




“How is the current situation outside?”


Lim Hak Gyum frowned.


“Not good.”


Lim Hak Gyum refrained himself from saying ‘it wouldn’t be strange if they made their move.’


He realized that he could accidentally jinx it.


“Is it fine for the master to be staying like this for a long period of time?”


Lim Hak Gyum shook his head.


It wouldn’t be strange at all if the four powers attacked now.


There was no way for them to be able to fend off the attacks from the four powers.


It looked like misfortunes liked to pile up together.


[Chief, there’s trouble!]


Lim hak Gyum frowned at the urgent voice from his subordinate.


“What happened?”


[The four powers are moving. They’re making their way here right now.]




What kind of a coincidence was this?


Lim Hak Gyum made a dumb face.


Un Hui looked at him with a cold gaze.


“Things don’t seem to be going well.”


“……..Yes. The four powers made their move.”


When Lim Hak Gyum shot out the words with a disgusted face, Un Hui calmly opened his mouth.


“Is there a way to stop them?”


Lim Hak Gyum shook his head.


“It looked like the Heir had a special plan in mind, but I didn’t get anything from him just yet.”


This was troublesome.


Like this, they would have to give up on establishing the Sichuan branch.


But doing that would be extremely bad.


Just leaving behind all the things they put into making this branch was a problem in itself, but then the one thing that mattered even more than that was their pride.


Their pride would be severely damaged if the four powers were allowed to take this place.


Their enemies were probably coming because they knew that, and because of that, there was no way they could retreat.


They had to protect this place with their life.


While Lim Hak Gyum thought this, Un Hui turned to Lim Hak Gyum’s subordinate.


“Where is the enemy?”




When the subordinate looked at Lim Hak Gyum with a troubled face, Un Hui turned to Lim Hak Gyum as well.


“You can tell him.”


Once Lim Hak Gyum gave his permission, the subordinate opened his mouth.


[They passed Jizhu, and are heading here right now. It would take them about half a day to get here.]


Un Hui became confused.


The way the subordinate worded the sentence was a little strange.


“Are they moving together?”


[Yes. The four powers are moving as a single group.]




Lim Hak Gyum and Un Hui were surprised out of their minds.


They knew the four powers would ally together, but they didn’t think the powers would make it this obvious.


“They’re going all out.”


Un Hui’s face turned even colder.


“Would you help me wake up the master?”






Un Hui held up the bracelets, and spoke.


“It would work with this.”


He was almost certain that this would work.


He just remembered what Gongson Chun Gi said about these bracelets in the past.


‘He said it was a tool that could be used to prevent one’s powers from going berserk.’


Right now, there was some kind of a power that was going berserk in Cho Ryu Hyang.


They just had to suppress that power.


“Are you confident?”


Un Hui nodded.


He stretched out his hands, and grabbed Cho Ryu Hyang’s arm.




A huge amount of electricity went up Un Hui’s arm.


Un Hui’s arms were screaming with pain, but he didn’t even flinch.


He just became calmer than ever, and put on the bracelets on Cho Ryu Hyang’s arm.




For the first time, something changed.


Baek Mu Ryang

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  1. Hey translator… it’s unfortunate but, I think you’ve lost a majority off your readers..
    Thank goodness I was browsing my bookmarks before a hard drive format And I was reminded to check for new updates after five months. Im re reading chapters as I have forgotten some things in the story.
    I hope you keep on translating though.
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