[King Shura] Chapter 102

Chapter 102. Nightmare



Koom- Kugugugung-!


The surrounding area fell apart with a loud noise.


At the same time, the floor shook dangerously.


Pian Mu blinked.


Cho Ryu Hyang’s Formless Formation was finally beginning to make it’s move.


But Pian Mu wasn’t surprised or confused at all.


He simply smiled casually as he slowly observed the changes.


He was trying to find something.


He then walked over the the center of the formation where the most amount of energy was condensed and sat down comfortably.


“Kuhehe, this elder will personally teach you how weak your attacks are in front of me.”




Cho Ryu hyang didn’t respond.


No, he couldn’t respond.


In order to create a formation inside a formation, he needed to create an extremely complicated equation.


An equation that couldn’t logically be handled by a human being.


He had to do the impossible.


As he continuously drew several strange shapes on the floor, he ceaselessly solved something in his head.


Then, in the middle of wandering in the mountain of equations, Cho Ryu Hyang paused.


His eyes widened.


Someone had suddenly come into his mind.




The first man who managed to create a formation inside a formation, with his own body at that, was Cho Ryu Hyang’s teacher, Jo Gi Chun.


Cho Ryu Hyang’s body trembled at the thought of his teacher.


He looked down at the equations he had created on the ground with a huge frown.


That frown soon turned to amazement the more he looked at the floor.


And… a different feeling arose apart from his amazement.


It was sadness.


“Ha…… haha.”


Cho Ryu Hyang looked down for a second and laughed tiredly.


He had just realized how great of a person Jo Gi Chun was.


‘You were able to solve such an equation in such an urgent time?’


The equation that Jo Gi Chun used for his last formation.


When Cho Ryu Hyang looked over that equation, he had trembled from awe.


Jo Gi Chun was prepared to die from the very beginning.


He was trying his best to protect his disciple from the very beginning.


A formation within a formation wasn’t something that could ever be created by a human.


A human would die when trying to create one.


“What the hell? Kid, did you go crazy or something?”


Pian Mu became confused when Cho Ryu Hyang suddenly began to laugh.


He didn’t know why Cho Ryu Hyang had suddenly turned weird.


“Should I punch you awake or something before we start?”


Cho Ryu Hyang flinched at Pian Mu’s voice, and smiled.


“…….Ah, I had forgotten about you. Don’t worry. Everything’s going according to plan.”


Cho Ryu Hyang lifted his head. His eyes had turned red.


At the same time, cold air blew in.




It was intense killing intent that caused one’s skin to crawl.


The amount of rage that emanated from Cho Ryu Hyang caused Pian Mu to smile.


He was very familiar with this kind of rage.


“A painful memory, huh?”


Cho Ryu Hyang slowly nodded and shot out several words.


“Thanks to you.”


“Hehe. Good. Very good. This will be fun.”


Pian Mu’s eyes got filled with intense joy.


“You see. I’m not a person who can’t get his hands tied over here by the likes of you. Last warning: stop here.”


Pian Mu’s lips twitched several times, then he burst into a laughing fit.


“Kuhahaha! Just how could humans be this arrogant? You still have something to show me? Sure, show it to me then. I’ll take anything you throw at me.”


“I’ll give you just that.”




Cho Ryu Hyang erased all the equations that he previously drew on the floor.


He then tied his hair into a ponytail and smiled bitterly.


“This is a life I attained due to the sacrifice of my teacher. I cannot waste such a thing here.”


“Kekeke, a human’s life is like those of a bug anyway. Do you honestly think your life is worth anything?”


“You’ll see.”


Cho Ryu Hyang became enraged at himself as he spoke.


He had complained to himself how much his life was worth all the time, but it seemed he was actually being proud of it.


He had just gotten this life thanks to the sacrifice of others, didn’t he?


Even his teacher, Jo Gi Chun, died for him.


For him, who had no talents nor strength, his teacher had to sacrifice himself.


‘I have to live.’


Cho Ryu Hyang realized why he had to try to survive.


‘My life is worth literal tonnes of gold.’


Cho Ryu Hyang, now that he realized the worth of his life, put his hands to.


“Do you know the last thing my teacher had taught me?”


“Who knows? Does it relate to whatever you’re doing now?”


“Of course it does. This is my teacher’s formation, after all.”


A formation within a formation.


If one wanted to create that, one would have to have a very strong nucleus for the formation.


Something that wouldn’t break under any amount of pressure.


‘My teacher used his life as the nucleus, but……’


He couldn’t afford to do that.


Because of that, he decided to take a different approach.


After all, he had something that his teacher did not have at the time right now.


Cho Ryu Hyang took a deep breath and cleared his head.


‘I cannot die.’


Cho Ryu Hyang was planning on adding a new formation that was completely different from the current one right now.


Right then.




With a strange sound, the earth split apart, and hot steam began to blow out from it.


A smell of sulfur came from the steam.


Pian Mu looked down at the floor with a smile.


“Kuhahaha! Do you think you can get out of this alive, boy?”


“You should worry about yourself.”


A ball of light began to gather between Cho Ryu Hyang’s hands.


He was combining the powers of the Moon Edge Blade Technique and the Shura Environment.


Pian Mu’s eyes shone when he saw that ball of light.


It was something that had injured him before.


It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t interested in it.


‘As expected……’


Pian Mu narrowed his eyes.


He could see what it was the moment he took a look at it.


Two powers with different properties.


The force that resulted from the extreme amount of resistance.


It was something that was powerful enough to destroy anything in the world.


‘It’s too dangerous for a single human to have.’


Pian Mu was completely enamored by the energy in Cho Ryu Hyang’s hands.


Meanwhile, Cho Ryu Hyang carefully planted the ball of energy in the floor.


‘This is my solution, teacher.’


Cho Ryu Hyang had the weapon known as martial arts, which was something that Jo Gi Chun did not have.


And this one thing would be the one to change everything.




Cho Ryu Hyang quickly moved back after planting the energy.


Pian Mu, however, did not move at all.


He simply made a face of intense joy and enjoyment.


He was curious of what the kid was going to do.


The reason why he did not move was because of his pride.


Although he only had half his power, it would be more than enough to deal with anything the kid threw at him.


The kid seemed to have moved outside the formation at about this time.


He could chase the boy, but he didn’t.


‘That just wouldn’t be fun.’


He wouldn’t be able to make the boy feel defeated if he did that.


Pian Mu was about to make the boy beg for his little life at his feet.


The injury that he had sustained from the boy before was already completely healed.


His self-recovery truly was outstanding.


Pian Mu was definitely no human.


‘But still, having a human injure me was surprising.’


Pian Mu did not move, even while seeing the sea of lava come at him.


The sea of lava, the moment it touched Pian Mu, scattered away.


Just his presence alone was able to inflict such a large effect on the surroundings.


“Now, let’s break it.”


Pian Mu unsealed the power he had repressed inside him.




The area that Pian Mu controlled began to expand.


Whatever touched his zone simply ripped apart to bits.


The force that came from the zone was so large, in fact, it was so large that it seemed to be capable of destroying even thunders.




Pian Mu laughed in joy.


This was Pian Mu’s real strength.


The power of pure destruction, hindered by nothing.


The formation began to distort greatly.


At the same time,


The formation began to contract.




When the edges of the formation and Pian Mu’s area came into contact, a huge amount of pressure was exerted on Pian Mu’s body.


Pian Mu frowned.


But soon, that frown turned into a grin.


“Pretty good…….”


But this wasn’t enough.


Once Pian Mu exerted a bit of strength, the energy that had been pressuring him was suddenly pushed away.




Pian Mu’s area stretched out once again.


And in the end, the formation was not able to take the energy from Pian Mu and broke with a bang.


At once, Pian Mu’s senses got widened.


“Kuhahaha! Is this all, child?”


[Of course not.]


The kid’s voice came from somewhere.


Pian Mu searched for Cho Ryu Hyang for a second, then he smiled.


“You, you bastard…….”


There was a giant stone buddha statue in front of him.


A statue so large, that Pian Mu actually had to bend backwards to see its face.


And on its shoulder, there was Cho Ryu Hyang, who was staring down at him.


Looking at Cho Ryu Hyang’s relaxed pose made Pian Mu’s eyes spark with rage.



“……Who the fuck told you to look down at me?”


Cho Ryu Hyang looked down at Pian Mu and smiled.


“The formation begins now.”


Once the formation breaks, the next one would begin.


The formation from the beginning was only there as a catalyst for the other one.


This was the last teaching Jo Gi Chun gave Cho Ryu Hyang.


‘Chain Formation (連環陳).’


Cho Ryu Hyang thought up of his teacher’s face, then slowly stood up.


“Time to get punished, Pian Mu.”


“…….You will not die an easy death. You made me extremely angry.”




Pian Mu gripped his pestle with so much force, that veins started to pop out of his hands.


Cho Ryu Hyang ignored this completely and made a smashing motion with his hand.




The giant buddha followed Cho Ryu Hyang’s movements and smashed down at the spot where Pian Mu was.


Pian Mu’s enraged eyes turned to that of surprise at that time.




The giant stone buddha moved with unimaginable speed.


“So you dodged.”


Pian Mu barely managed to teleport not too far away. He looked at Cho Ryu Hyang with eyes filled with suspicion.


“What the hell did you…….”


A single fist was as big as a mountain.


It was not easy to dodge.


And it seemed that the buddha wasn’t made of normal stone, either.


Seeing how the fist that smashed the ground was shining with a blue light, it seemed that it was made of the Blue Hard Stone, which was said to be stronger than steel itself.


Pian Mu was trying extremely hard to understand what the hell was going on.


However, when Cho Ryu Hyang made his move, Pian Mu was unable to think anymore.


The moves executed by Cho Ryu Hyang this time was much, much more complicated than before.


“Shura Environment, First Chapter, Eight Line. Chasing Lightning Kick.”


Cho Ryu Hyang kindly explained the name of his move while executing it.


He lightly jumped up and kicked multiple times.


There was a frightening amount of energy that was stored within his toes, and this effect got transferred to the buddha as well.


Vuun vuun vuun-


The stone buddha imitated Cho Ryu Hyang’s actions.


And on the toes of the buddha, there was a frightening amount of red energy that condensed into that spot.


Pian Mu turned pale when he saw just how much energy there was on the buddha.


This was the beginning of his nightmare.

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