[King Shura] Chapter 103

Chapter 103. Ju Ho Yu Moves

ED: Chrysanthemum


“How interesting. You figured out something about the heir of the church?”


“Yes. Getting ahold of the information was harder than I had thought, but it was worth it.”


“Where did the information come from?”


“Surprisingly enough, the information came from the church itself.”


“Hoh? So even the church, which had been famous for being so unified, is going through internal strife?”


“It looks like it.”


“Oh boy. Looks like this Gongson Chun Gi really wasn’t much. How would you even be able to conquer the world without even being able to take care of your own home ground?”


Ju Ho Yu nodded when Chuk Gye Gwang made a disappointed face.


“It looks like the rumors were greatly exaggerated.”


“Perhaps…… But it wouldn’t mean to let our guard down. Even the Night Emperor was afraid of the Pope, and from my observations, the Night Emperor was the real thing.”


General Chuk Gye Gwang looked at Ju Ho yu uncomfortably.


“Well, that’s that. What’s going on with the next plan?”


“Making the Church and the Four Powers fight each other was successful, but right now, we need to assist the church.”


“Huh? We need to assist the church?”


“Yes. Right now, the church does not have enough power to stop the Four Powers. In order to achieve a proper balance in power, we need to help the church.”


Ju Ho Yu’s eyes shone.


“But nothing is free in this world. If there’s something that we can take from this, we need to take as much as we can.”


“Are we going to do a trade with them?”


“Right. I’m planning on meeting this heir of theirs.”


“you’re going to do it personally? Isn’t that too dangerous?”


“I believe it would be worth taking the risk.”


“Really? Isn’t he just a child though? Is there anything we can take from this child? Do you actually think a kid who relies on his teacher’s fame can even do anything?”


Ju Ho Yu smiled.


“It would be bad to underestimate the boy. He was the one who took down Gal Mun Hyuk before I even noticed.”


Chuk Gye Gwang finally began showing some interest.


“Hoh? So that kid was the one who made Gal Mun Hyuk into a poor beggar?”


“Yes. In just 10 days, the child completely destroyed Gal Mun Hyuk’s forces and took over the salt market.”


“Ten days……”


After calculating something for a second, Chuk Gye Gwang narrowed his eyes.


“So that child is a tiger cub.”


“Yes. He is already dominating the salt market. The merchants just come to him.”


“The balance of power had already been broken. That much is obvious. The Church really did earn a lot this time; however, we lost quite a bit in return.”


Chuk Gye Gwang put on a bitter face. On the other hand, Ju Ho Yu shook his head.


“But in doing that, the Church lost something quite important.”


Chuk Gye Gwang made a confused face.


“What in the world did they lose?”


“The child known as the heir was exposed far too much. All the work they did to hide the kid is now useless.”


Chuk Hye Gwang noticed what Ju Ho Yu was trying to imply and grinned.


“I see, we get the chance to get rid of the Church’s future. This isn’t so bad.”


“Right. But the Four Powers made their move first. They have been waiting for far too long.”


“Indeed. They waited too long.”


The Four Powers were strong enough to even make the Imperial Palace be wary.


However, so far the Powers were moving according to the expectations of the Palace.


* * *


Ju Ho Yu tightly wore his clothes as if he was suffering from the cold. Like this, he looked down the hill he was standing on.


Behind him was Tai Gonggong, who was currently looking at Ju Ho Yu with a discontent face.


“Do you really have to do this? I don’t get why you need to go through so much danger.”


Ju Ho Yu smiled.


“I need to see the heir myself.”


“Aah, how reckless. The dogs of the Martial World will soon overrun this place to destroy the Church. Not even I can protect you then.”


“Don’t worry, this will be quick.”


Tai Gonggong did not become calmed with just this.


“Yeah, say you actually managed to pull off everything quick, but there’s still one thing that doesn’t make sense. Mind if I ask?”


“No, I don’t.”


“Why did we come alone? This is the entirety of the reinforcement? Aren’t you putting too much confidence in me?”


There would be many Harmonious Experts within the force of the Four Powers.


And there would be many peak experts as well.


Not even Tai Gonggong could manage to take them all.


He wasn’t Gongson Chun Gi after all.


Ju Ho Yu shook his head after listening to Tai Gonggong calmly.


“You seem to be misunderstanding something.”




“Yes. The one who would help the Church this time is just me.”




Ju Ho Yu pointed at himself, and opened his mouth.


“I can balance everything just by myself.”


He didn’t bother finishing the sentence by saying “until both sides completely run out of power….”


But Tai Gonggong didn’t know exactly what Ju Ho Yu was trying to say. Because of this, he made a confused face.


The man never exaggerated anything, and Tai Gonggong knew that the man was speaking the truth.


Because he knew that, Tai Gonggong could only lick his lips.


“Fine. If you’re a man, you should have at least that much pride in yourself. But how are you going to convince the Demon Church that you would actually be useful in battle?”


“You’ll see.”


Ju Ho Yu began to walk down the hill with a confident smile.


Under him was the Sichuan Branch of the Church.


* * *


Un Hui looked carefully at Cho Ryu Hyang.


Then, he lightly put his hand on Cho Ryu Hyang’s chest.




No Jin Nyung, who had been watching from afar, let out a surprised gasp and put his hand on Cho Ryu Hyang’s shoulder.


“There’s no electricity?”


Lim Hak Gyum nodded as well.


Right then, Cho Ryu Hyang’s body began to tremble violently, and a white smoke began to come out of the boy’s nose.


Un Hui, No Jin Nyung, and Lim Hak Gyum all simultaneously moved back a step.


The white smoke bunched up in midair and with a small pop, it fell on Cho Ryu Hyang’s stomach.


“…….W, what the hell is that?”


No Jin Nyung stuttered as he looked at the rabbit on Cho Ryu Hyang’s stomach.


The rabbit with a small green leaf on his belly.


That rabbit was currently lying down, huffing tiredly.


The moment Un Hui laid his eyes on the rabbit, he became enraged.




Un Hui knew that rabbit far too well.


After all, he had experienced the rabbit’s power firsthand.


‘Was it because of this thing?’


It seemed that the prime reason the heir wasn’t waking was because of this strange thing.

Un Hui, upon thinking this, immediately grabbed hold of the rabbit by its legs.


Maksu looked at Un Hui with an enraged and oppressed face.


‘Goddamnit! I was the one that got beat up, you idiot!’


But he couldn’t even bring himself to say it out loud.


He was far too tired to even talk.


In the dream, Maksu got horribly beat up by Cho Ryu Hyang.


But of course Un Hui wouldn’t know about that.


Therefore, the man simply decided to chuck Maksu out the window.




Maksu closed his eyes as he flew out like an arrow.


He was so tired and annoyed at this point that he just didn’t want to think.


“Hey? What happened?”


No Jin Nyung did not understand why Un Hui was being so violent towards the rabbit.


“…….The cause of the sickness is gone, so he should be waking up about now.”


The moment Un Hui’s words came out, Cho Ryu Hyang opened his eyes.


And once Cho Ryu Hyang’s eyes opened, he looked at the three people in the room confusedly.


“…….What’s going on?”


“Are you alright, lord heir?”


Cho Ryu Hyang, still confused, responded immediately when Lim Hak Gyum asked a question.


“Yes. I’m alright…….”


“That’s good. Nothing had really happened while you had been sleeping.”


Lim Hak Gyum and Un Hui both decided to close their mouths.


They did not wish to talk about how much they worried for the heir while he had been sleeping.


But there was a single man who always decided to talk about the smallest things.


“We were so worried because you weren’t waking up, hehe.”




Worried because he wasn’t waking up?


What was that supposed to mean?


Cho Ryu Hyang put on his glasses and stared at No Jin Nyung.


No Jin Nyung let out a relieved sigh and spoke.


“By the way, what was that with the weird rabbit that came out of your nose?”

“…….There was something like that?”


Only then did Cho Ryu Hyang began to look around with interest.


He was trying to find Maksu.


After all, whatever the purpose of the rabbit was, Cho Ryu Hyang managed to gain a lot in the end.


But there was no way Maksu would currently be here thanks to Un Hui.


Lim Hak Gyum, at that moment, sighed and opened his mouth.


“Lord heir, there is a problem.”


Cho Ryu Hyang read the seriousness from Lim Hak Gyum’s voice and immediately stood up.


“They made their move, didn’t they.”


“Yes. They’re only about half a day away from us.”


“They moved later than I thought.”


“Do you have a plan in mind?”


Cho Ryu Hyang nodded.


When he did so?, the three other people in the room immediately made expectant gazes.


Cho Ryu Hyang always had a revolutionary plan at hand.


Although the boy’s plans never really made sense, they worked extremely well, which made them curious.


“What is that plan?”


In the end, No Jin Nyung couldn’t help but ask the question. Cho Ryu Hyang smiled playfully in response.


“You’ll see.”


“Eeh?, can’t you even tell us a little bit?”


“I can’t. This is something you’d have to look at with your own eyes.”


When No Jin Nyung made a disappointed face, Sunwu Cho Rin bust into the room with some news.


“There’s someone who wishes to meet you.”


“A guest?”


Cho Ryu Hyang was confused.


Who was it?


Who would come here at such a time, especially when the Four Powers were attacking?


Sunwu Cho Rin smiled, knowing that this was what everyone was thinking at the time.


“They’re from the Imperial Palace.”


“The Imperial Palace!”


Why did the people who had been avoiding them come here, all of sudden?


Everyone in the room became very surprised.


And the guests who came here today, especially Ju Ho yu, was getting extremely confused.


“What’s wrong?”


Ju Ho Yu came back to his senses once he heard Tai Gonggong’s question.


“This…… seems to be a formation.”


“Formation? Where?”


Ju Ho Yu continued as Tai Gonggong carefully looked around.


“If I’m not wrong, it seems that this entire place is inside a single formation.”


“What? Is that even possible?”


“Yes. It is, but…… it definitely would’ve taken a tremendous amount of money.”


“Crazy bastards…..”


A formation this big?


Ju Ho Yu was unable to come to his senses the moment he entered the area because of the energy from the formation.


‘Just how much money did they use?’


The amount of money that would’ve been required to set up this formation would probably equal that of the one at the Imperial palace.


Ju Ho Yu was slowly beginning to become more and more confused as he waited for the heir.



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  1. Ju Ho Yu, unlike you guys in the Imperial Palace, the MC can make bigger and better formations just by using sticks, stones and pebbles. I mean, he’s a genius with talent unlike you people that only rely on the advantages of money.


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