[King Shura] Chapter 110

Chapter 110. Resolution

ED: Chrysanthemum


“……Shit, I fell for it.”


“Fell for what? Is there a problem, Senior Brother?”


“Yeah. A big problem.”


Juk Hyul Myung chewed his nails as he became angry at his own stupidity.


“To strike at the weak points…… Damn, so he’s pretty smart, huh?”


It looked like the enemy had taken care of the weak ones around him first.


‘Why’d I realize this now?’


Juk Hyul Myung frowned, and looked around.


The huge presence from before had disappeared.


The enemy seemed to be extremely careful in his actions.


He had felt something move slightly, but since it was far away, Juk Hyul Myung couldn’t move.


It wasn’t like he could leave Ju Da Hye alone.


“Shit. Shit……!”


He was frustrated.


He knew what the creator of the formation was trying to do, but he didn’t know how to stop the bastard.


‘Is there really no way?’


After thinking a bit, Juk Hyul Myung shook his head.


There was always a way to solve something.


He just hadn’t found it yet.


Juk Hyul Myung grabbed onto Ju Da Hye’s hands that had gotten themselves tightly woven around their waist.


“Let go, it’s annoying.”




“I’m telling you, you don’t have to do this? I won’t run away?”


“Still, no!”


Juk Hyul Myung was unable to understand why the girl was doing this.


He didn’t understand with his current understanding of a female’s mind.


“It’s hot.”


“Just endure it.”


“……Why the hell are you like this?”


Ju Da Hye grabbed onto Juk Hyul Myung even tighter than before instead of responding.


Juk Hyul Myung was annoyed by this, but he didn’t do anything.


He just didn’t want to solve things by force.


“Damn it, do what you want.”


“……You can’t run from me now, Senior Brother.”


“I’m telling you, I won’t run.”




“Yeah. What am I going to do if I leave you behind? Teacher’s going to kill me if I do that.”


Ju Da Hye smiled after hearing this.


But that smile was not one of happiness, but rather one of bitterness.


“Eh? Why are you smiling?”


Although Ju Da Hye smiled behind Juk Hyul Myung, Juk Hyul Myung didn’t miss her smile.


He was an expert, after all.


“You don’t need to know.”


Ju Da Hye forced herself to smile brightly.


She needed to look happy.


At least in front of Juk Hyul Myung, she needed to look happy.


That was what he liked of her.


She didn’t want to look sad and depressing in front of him.


“You seem to have a lot of secrets nowadays?”


“I had a lot of secrets from the start?”




“You’re actually kinda stupid, you know?”


“No way.”


Juk Hyul Myung scratched his head in confusion.


Come to think of it, this girl was the only senior sister who would talk to him for a long time.


Was it because he teased her a lot, as she felt like a younger sister?


It seemed that she was scared of him leaving her behind.


‘I would never do that.’


Juk Hyul Myung had merely teased the girl all these years.


He would never do something like leave her behind when things got a little hard.


‘He said he wouldn’t run.’


Ju Da Hye understood Juk Hyul Myung’s words a little differently.


And she then sighed inside.


‘Please understand my actions. I can’t help but do it.’


Honestly, Ju Da Hye wasn’t interested in how dangerous their current situation was.


As long as the Senior Brother was there, everything would work itselves out.




‘He wouldn’t know how I feel about him…….’


Juk Hyul Myung definitely wouldn’t know of how she was feeling.


He probably wasn’t even interested.


It made her feel hurt.


It made her feel sad.


‘Since when was it all like this?’


From the start, she had always liked her Senior Brother.


But the Senior Brother was so amazing that she couldn’t even approach him easily.


Ju Da Hye strengthened her grip even more on Juk Hyul Myung’s waise.


‘Let me be like this for just today.’


A person who was like a sparkling star in the night sky.


It was just for a single day, but Ju Da Hye was able to think of this person as hers.


Her Senior Brother’s back was large, and warm.


Juk Hyul Myung felt his Junior Sister behind his back, and sighed.


He didn’t know what the enemy was doing, but he could not move.


But he wouldn’t be able to do anything like this.


It wasn’t like he could wait for death either.


Juk Hyul Myung looked around, and steadied his breath.


Now wasn’t the time to try to restrain himself.


A huge amount of energy began to move around Juk Hyul Myung’s body.


* * *


“We’ll charge through.”


Around the time when Juk Hyul Myung began to gather strength, Gu Hui was trying to do something similar.


Thankfully, his situation was better off than Juk Hyul Myung’s.


He still had his subordinates, and he knew of what would happen.


Because of that, the Nanman Beast Gate was able to maintain a safe position without suffering from any damages.


But that would reach an end soon.


Gu Hui knew this, as he had realized what the enemy was doing.


‘He’s taking care of the Alliance.’


Leave the body be, and cut off the limbs.


It seemed to be a nice plan.


Seeing how he was like this, Juk Hyul Myung was probably imprisoned somewhere as well.


But this wasn’t very good for Gu Hui.


Gu Hui immediately calculated the amount of time he spent in here.


‘About 2 hours…….’


He wasted quite a bit of time here.


He had no idea how much the Alliance suffered, either.


Gu Hui looked around a bit, sighed, and gathered strength.




A hot energy appeared everywhere, but it did not spread. Instead, the energy gathered to a single spot.


That energy gathered onto Gu Hui’s right leg.


‘Crimson Flame Kick.’


A light as bright as the sun poured out of Gu Hui’s leg.




The sea in front of them boiled away in an instant.


And in that same instant, more water poured in.


Seeing this, Gu Hui nodded.


It was for but a moment, but Gu Hui had seen a path.


“Follow me.”


After saying this, Gu Hui walked into the seawater.


The experts of the Nanman Beast Clan followed in without any questions.


In the dark sea, Gu Hui stared at the huge stone in front of him.


He punched the stone after approaching it.




Something broke.


And with that, the pressure on Gu Hui’s body disappeared.


“We were lucky.”


It looked like the enemy had no time to focus on them.


Thanks to that, they were able to get through easily.


But this result was actually quite obvious.


There were huge amounts of people in the formation. There was no way for the enemy to be focused on everyone.


Trying to do that would be like suicide.


Gu Hui thought this as he walked through the path.


It was now time to kill the enemy.


* * *


‘He broke through now.’


Cho Ryu Hyang knew immediately that Gu Hui had passed through.


He had seen the gem that was used as the core for Gu Hui’s prison break.


‘This is the start.’


Unlike what Gu Hui had thought, Cho Ryu Hyang was actually focused more on Gu Hui than anyone else.


His subordinates would take care of the others.


This thought was what allowed Cho Ryu Hyang to do this.


‘My job right now would be to hold back that man.’


He needed to do this untill the people of the Alliance were taken care of.


Cho Ryu Hyang took out another gem from his sleeves.


Then, he hesitated.


It wasn’t hard to modify the formation now.


But the heir of the North Sea Ice Palace was waiting for him.


That worried Cho Ryu Hyang.


‘What should I do?’


If he was unable to stop the Nanman Beast Gate because of the North Sea Ice Palace, all his preparations till now would be for naught.


But if he tried to modify the formation now, the heir of the North Sea Ice Palace would surely attack.


And if Cho Ryu Hyang allowed that to happen, the formation itself could potentially break apart.


After thinking a bit, Cho Ryu Hyang came to a conclusion.


‘There’s no choice.’


He couldn’t afford to have the formation fall apart, nor could he afford to have the Nanman Beast Gate get out of the formation.


Right now, it was difficult to deal with Juk Hyul Myung and Gu Hui, as both of them were going all out.


If they were being like this, Cho Ryu Hyang would have to embrace danger as well.


Cho Ryu Hyang stood up.


He walked out of the formation he had been sitting in, and opened his mouth.


“I’m going to have to go in there.”


“Ehh? Isn’t that dangerous?”


When No Jin Nyung said this in alarm, Cho Ryu Hyang nodded.


“It’s dangerous. But there’s no choice.”




There was no choice other than to do this.


He need to take drastic measures.


“No Jin Nyung needs to stay here and take care of something. I will be entering the formation with Un Hui.”




When Un Hui appeared out of the darkness and nodded, No Jin Nyung violently shook his head.


“Ehh? Why are you leaving me like this?! That guy can’t even fight? I can take that weakling down with just my breath right now?”




When Un hui tried to say something in anger, Cho Ryu Hyang stopped him.


Then, the boy turned to No Jin Nyung.


No Jin Nyung seemed determined to go with Cho Ryu Hyang.


And that determination seemed to work on Cho Ryu Hyang.


Cho Ryu Hyang nodded, and opened his mouth.


“Alright. If you want to go that much, I’ll take you with me.”


“Waah! Yay!”


When No Jin Nyung smiled in satisfaction, Cho Ryu Hyang spoke.


“First off, you need to memorize the steps that I’ll teach you when entering the formation. There’s 133 types of steps you will need to know, and you’ll need to apply them differently. You’ll need to move according to the changes in the formation.”




“I’ll tell you about them now.”


When Cho Ryu Hyang tried to speak, No Jin Nyung quickly stopped the boy with his hands.


“S, stop!”


“Yes? What is it?”


“I think Un Hui’s more suitable for this operation. Hehe, I’ll just wait here in case of any danger.”


Cho Ryu Hyang stared at the man in front of him, then nodded.


“Understood. Do what you want.”


“Right. Hehe.”


No Jin Nyung stepped back as he scratched the back of his head.


He wasn’t confident with these kinds of things.



Cho Ryu Hyang turned to Un Hui, and spoke.




“Yes, sir.”


“I’ll tell you about the steps now.”


Un Hui nodded as Cho Ryu Hyang taught him about the steps.


By the time Cho Ryu Hyang told him again just to be sure, Un Hui had already memorized them.


Un Hui. He truly was a genius.


After telling Un Hui the steps twice, Cho Ryu Hyang walked into the formation.


It was time to face his enemies.


Once he entered the formation, Cho Ryu Hyang’s eyes turned colder than ever.

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