[King Shura] Chapter 111

Chapter 111. Gu Hui Meets Cho Ryu Hyang.

ED: Chrysanthemum

“Did things progress faster than I had expected? I didn’t think we’d be able to leave so soon.”


The middle-aged man who said this as he walked out was Gongson Chun Gi, the leader of the Heavenly Demon Church.


“So there’s about ten days left till we get to Sichuan?”


“Yes. We’ll arrive in about ten days.”


“How exciting. You also worked hard to speed things up, Guardian Jeon.”


Jeon Bak shrugged as he opened his mouth.


“I didn’t do much. Actually, the heir did most of the work.”



“Since he managed to take care of such immense amount of salt in a remarkably short time, things became very easy for us.”


“Right… Well, the kid is pretty brilliant. His ideas were really something.”


“Yes. Thanks to this, we were able to go to Sichuan ourselves along with the extra supplies we were going to bring. This alone is a huge profit. I’m almost tempted to kowtow towards the heir right now.”


Gongson Chun Gi looked at Jeon Bak fiddle with his abacus and smiled.


“You seem to have taken a liking to my disciple?”


“Of course. The heir is a saviour to the church in many ways.”


Jeon Bak was thankful towards the heir for taking care of the salt issue, as well as for becoming the heir of the church.


In his eyes, Cho Ryu Hyang was a savior.


“I’m glad you think that way. There are a lot of people who are quite jealous of the boy’s talent. After all, doing too well is a problem in itself, don’t you think?”




Despite what he said, Gongson Chun Gi had a proud grin on his face.


Because of Cho Ryu Hyang’s achievements, he had been hearing all sorts of praises for his disciple from his peers.


Gongson Chun Gi acted like it was nothing every time he heard it, but he was secretly enjoying all the praises.


Jeon Bak looked at the Pope for a moment, he put down his abacus, and opened his mouth.


“The Four Powers are making their move.”


“I know.”


“They’re probably attacking the heir by now.”


“They are? It is about time, after all.”


“…..Aren’t you worried?”


Jeon Bak made a confused expression.


According to his sources, the power that the enemies possessed was far greater than the one the church possessed.


It would be stupid to fight them head-on.




Surprisingly enough, the heir decided to confront them.


It was a stupid illogical decision.


Gongson Chun Gi realized what Jeon Bak was thinking and smirked.


“You think it’s strange that I’m not worried about the boy?”




“Worries are only reserved for people that you don’t trust, or for the actions that these people do.”


Gongson Chun Gi sat down on a boulder near the carriage and continued talking.


“You see, I’m not worried about the boy, not even one bit. The boy himself might not know it, but in order to kill him, an expert as strong as me would need to take part in the battle.”




Jeon Bak made a face full of disbelief.


Who was Gongson Chun Gi?


He was the person who reached a level that no one else in this world could reach.


And to think that a person like this would have to make their move to kill the heir……


But as Gongson Chun Gi wasn’t a person who’d lie about such things, Jeon Bak’s face was again filled with confusion.


Gongson Chun Gi put a cigarette to his mouth as he watched this and smiled.


“You say that the Four Powers made their move? Tsk tsk, they made a foolish decision. The kid can’t be killed with mere numbers.”


Gongson Chun Gi chewed on the cigarette while he grinned playfully.


“Hehe, and the fun thing is, not even the boy knows how strong he has become. Can you believe it?”


“…..Is that so?”


Gongson Chun Gi nodded.


“You see, the boy grew so fast that he couldn’t even sense what happened. Well, that would probably cause a few side effects, but that can be ignored for now… Anyway, this would be the perfect chance for the boy to check how strong he has become. Kehehe…”


Jeon Bak shook his head as he watched Gongson Chun Gi grin evilly.


It didn’t really matter whether or not the Pope’s words were true.


Let’s just say that Gongson Chun Gi was exaggerating a little at the moment.


Even if that was the case, the heir’s power should be enough to block off an attack from the Four Powers.


‘If that were to happen…’


Many things would change.


First, it would announce the heir’s presence into the martial world.


This would be an event big enough to shake the entire world by its roots.


And so, the event that was to be known as the Second Alliance-Demon War would begin.


* * *


‘How strange.’


Gu Hui stopped walking and began to look around himself.


He frowned, put his right hand up into the air, and balled it up into a fist.


With that signal, the martial artists of the Nanman Beast Gate came to a stop behind him.


‘We passed this place before.’


How did he not realize it?


It was strange.


It was strange for him to not recognize a path that he had just walked through.


He had never made such mistake before.


Gu Hui closed his eyes.


After a moment, Gu Hui opened his eyes into small slits.


‘As I thought, I made no mistake.’


He went back the path he walked through multiple times in his head.


But no matter how many times he did so, he could not find any mistakes in the paths he chose to go through.


Then, there was only one explanation for this phenomenon.


Gu Hui looked around himself with bright eyes.


‘So it’s him……’


The person who made the formation.


This might be possible if this was done by the person who made the formation.


This must mean that the creator of the formation was paying attention to him the most, but wouldn’t that be a huge risk?


‘So he chose me amongst all the others?’


Gu Hui made a concerned face.


He decided to review the invisible enemy in front of him once again.


Was it because he was being too obvious in getting through the formation?


Things would become annoying if the creator of the formation became wary of him.


Gu Hui clicked his tongue.


‘How annoying.’


If he had a bit more time, he probably could have gotten through the formation.


The formation that he was currently in was indeed amazing.


‘Well, the formation by itself is amazing, but…..’


But as Gu Hui had an immense power that stemmed from his martial arts skills, he should be able to break through the formation sooner or later.


After all, he already passed through two of the barriers of the formation, did he not?


‘I must find him.’


Perhaps this was good.


If the creator of the formation involved himself with Gu Hui, it would make things much easier.


Just catching the creator would change the flow of the battle entirely.


‘I’ll have to check first.’


He needed to confirm his thoughts.


The way to do this was simple.


If the creator was watching him, then Gu Hui would just have to create a situation where the creator would have no choice but to move.




When Gu Hui said this, the martial artists of the Nanman Beast Gate began to walk forward.


Gu Hui got in the middle of the group, and kept his guard up; he was looking for a chance to attack.


He put down his hands and slowly walked with the rest of the group.


Ch, chiii–


The fingers of his hands began to let out tiny strings of energy that scratched the ground softly.


Gu Hui looked at this carefully, and whenever the strings changed direction, he directed the group towards the way the strings were going.


Cho Ryu Hyang became amazed as he saw this.


‘He found me.’


Cho Ryu Hyang pushed his glasses up as he observed Gu Hui.


It seemed that the other side had noticed his presence.


‘Just how?’


Cho Ryu Hyang was a little surprised to be found out like this.


But what was even more concerning at the moment was the way that this person was trying to get through the formation.


He was trying to use the simplest, but the most reliable method of breaking through formations.


‘Should I make my move?’


If he did, he would just prove to the other side that he was watching.


After thinking, Cho Ryu Hyang made a decision.


It was hard to hide his moves like this anyway.


Plus, the situation might worsen if he let someone like this be.


Therefore, he needed to fight the man now.


Cho Ryu Hyang took one of the stones on the ground, and pulled it up.




The view around him shook for a moment, and he, along with Gu Hui, began to fade from the scene.


‘I can’t let him pass just like that.’


Around the time when Cho Ryu Hyang thought this, Gu Hui had come to a stop in his tracks.


His eyes, along with that of the martial artists, all pointed upwards. Gu Hui had a slight smile on his face.


“How interesting.”


A giant door had appeared in front of them.


If this wasn’t a challenge for them, then what else?


He could feel the other side taunting him to get inside. This made him laugh.


If he didn’t accept a challenge like this, he wouldn’t be a man.


“We’re going in.”


The only way one could catch a tiger was to get into its lair.


Gu Hui opened the door and walked in.


He was greeted by two people inside.




Inside the gate was an empty space filled with mist. Within this mist was a boy in glasses and a man wearing a mask.


‘He is……’


The masked man was a harmonious expert.


A strong one, at that.


Gu Hui smiled.


‘But he is not my match.’


The man wasn’t mature enough yet.


Things might change given time, but right now, the man was weak.


Gu Hui turned to the kid.


It was strange.


This wasn’t a place that anyone could get into, and yet…


‘Could it be?’


Gu Hui opened his mouth.


“Are you the heir of the church?”


Cho Ryu Hyang nodded without saying anything.


As he had thought, the boy was the heir of the church.


Why did the boy reveal himself?


‘No, that’s not important right now.’


The intent of the other side wasn’t important.


The battle was already over, after all.


“I came here to kill you.”


It was an honest, and straightforward situation.


Cho Ryu Hyang didn’t seem intimidated at all by this, however.


He simply responded dryly back to the man.


“You think you can kill me?”


“Of course I do.”


The boy couldn’t run.


Not anymore, now that he was within Gu Hui’s sights.




Gu Hui’s presence began to get stronger.


At the same time, the mist around him disappeared completely.




Un Hui flinched at this time.




His instincts were going wild.


Right now, this entire area was within Gu Hui’s control.


It would be impossible to ensure the safety of the heir if they continue there.


They needed to run.


But Un Hui was unable to move.


This was because Cho Ryu Hyang had given him a ‘command’ before they came in here.


[Don’t run, no matter what happens. Only run when I tell you to do so.]


Because of this command, Un Hui wasn’t able to do anything.


‘How amusing.’


If he just extended his hand now, the boy would die.


The mission would end that easily.


‘No, the mission wasn’t that easy, huh.’


It was pretty hard to get here, even with this many martial artists.


The battle wasn’t that easy when he took this into account.


Cho Ryu Hyang, who managed to read a bit into Gu Hui’s mind, smirked, and took off his glasses.



‘Does he think I’m already caught or something?’


Does the man not know that he still had plenty of cards on his sleeve?


Cho Ryu Hyang expected something like this to happen, but it was still annoying.


‘I’ll make him realize his mistakes properly.’


After putting his glasses in his sleeves, Cho Ryu Hyang opened his mouth.


“I, too, have no intentions of leaving you alive. But if you apologize right now and promise to leave, I’ll let you go just this once.”




Gu Hui’s eyes began to tremble.


Was this kid serious?


Was he even aware of who he was talking to?


When he stretched out his hand to take away an arm from the boy out of anger, Cho Ryu Hyang spoke.


“You must be Gu Hui, correct?”


“…..You said that even when you knew who I was, boy?”






Cho Ryu Hyang drew a line on the sandy floor under him.


Gu Hui observed this and looked back at Cho Ryu Hyang.


“To be honest, I’ve never faced someone this strong. But……”


Cho Ryu Hyang thought of something that was far from being a human and smiled.


“I have faced a monster stronger than you before.”




He had fought to death with a monster that was worse than Gu Hui in the past.


Gu Hui looked coldly at Cho Ryu Hyang’s smile.


He was absolutely full of killing intent.

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  1. Thank you for the amazing chapter!

    I just love how he is a little badass, like really… Who would believe a kid like him? But then he proves them wrong again and again!


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