[King Shura] Chapter 120

Chapter 120. Monster and Monster


‘What the hell is that inhuman thing?’




Right now, he was keeping his breath as low as possible.


At first, he thought he was mistaken.


But he wasn’t.


‘Gongson Chun Gi, was it?’


From the information he had gathered from the humans, the man seemed to be the father of the yellow-haired girl that treated him like a pet.


That much wasn’t a problem.


The real problem stemmed from the fact that the man carried inhuman amounts of energy with the shell of a human.


Hadn’t he passed the limits of the human body a long time ago?


‘Is he a god in disguise?’


That wasn’t the case.


Unbelievably enough, the man was actually human.


Maksu suppressed his energy as much as he could and began moving.


He honestly did not want to come in contact with this, Gongson Chun Gi, fellow.


He didn’t want to admit it, but that man was able to see through Maksu in an instant at this point in time.


‘I should be careful.’


It would be better for him to stay away from the yellow-haired girl for a while.


After thinking this much, Maksu prepared himself to leave the garden.


At that point, however, he felt someone approach him and turned around. When he did so, his already white face became even paler.


‘Why is that bitch here?’


That girl who loved to use a whip was coming his way.


He froze, almost like a deer in the face of a tiger.


He was hoping that the girl would just ignore him.




“Found you, damn rat.”


It seemed that Sunwu Cho Rin’s intent in coming here was to find Maksu in the first place.


Sunwu Cho Rin glared at Maksu for a good second, then opened her mouth.


“So you ran away again? I thought I clearly told you that I’d educate you if you did something like this again?”




Maksu looked at Sunwu Cho Rin with the most pathetic eyes he could muster.


It was embarrassing, but this was the only way for him to escape for now.


But it was useless.


“Corporal punishment is fitting for animals like you.”


Sunwu Cho Rin grinned evilly, and began to spin Maksu around by his leg.


Then, at some point, she threw him far up into the air.




As he flew in the air, Maksu began to consider something seriously for a second.


He thought of just giving up on the dragon’s pearl and just screw with the promise he made.


But a promise was a promise.


His anger was almost painful enough to get his intestines twist, but he had to endure.


Maksu, after spinning through the air and falling on the ground, widened his eyes in surprise.


What he had feared would happen the most had just happened.


“Hoh? What’s this?”


The being who tamed the crazy cat known as Sunwu Cho Rin was in front of Maksu.


Gongson Chun Gi.


He had been returning to his home after meeting Cho Ryu Hyang.


The Pope meeting Maksu right now was a complete ‘coincidence’.


But thanks to this coincidence, Gongson Chun Gi was able to meet Maksu. Well, of course, he didn’t really think much of this at first.


But, as more time passed, a feeling of surprise began to take over Gongson Chun Gi.


When he used his godly eye, he could only see the space Maksu was in, and not Maksu himself.


‘Interest’ began to creep up Gongson Chun Gi’s face.


At the same time, a giant red eye that people normally couldn’t see rose above his head.


Sunwu Cho Rin felt the area become colder for some reason. After thinking about it for a second, she opened her mouth.


“It’s a pet the miss has brought in.”


“……That’s a pet?”


A strange face.


Sunwu Cho Rin saw this look on Gongson Chun Gi’s face and opened her mouth yet again.


“Yes. It’s been misbehaving lately, so I have been educating it. Is there a problem?”


Sunwu Cho Rin made a confused face as she grabbed onto Maksu’s leg.


Gongson Chun Gi stared silently at the upside-down Maksu for quite a bit.


Maksu could only sweat nervously from this.


‘Damn it! Damn it! He found out.’


That third eye of his.


In front of something like that, not even Maksu could hide.


‘This is why I tried to avoid him…’


All sorts of curse words popped up in his head.


The reason why Gongson Chun Gi couldn’t find him until now was because he was hiding his power.


But at this distance, hiding his power didn’t matter.


Gongson Chun Gi slowly began to grin.


He almost resembled an evil child who had just found a toy.


A chill ran through Maksu’s body.


“Would you mind if I gave that to my daughter?”


“This… thing?”


“Yes. That. The pet.”


When Gongson Chun Gi pointed at the rabbit with an evil face, Sunwu Cho Rin didn’t hesitate in handing over the rabbit.


Gongson Chun Gi carefully received the rabbit and smiled.


“Thank you, you may leave now.”


Sunwu Cho Rin didn’t understand why Gongson Chun Gi seemed so happy but decided to leave anyway.


Once Sunwu Cho Rin left, Gongson Chun Gi looked down at Maksu and grinned.


“Pretty good, aren’t you? Didn’t think that someone like you would be hiding from me so well… I’ve experienced something new.”




Maksu couldn’t move.


He had no idea what to do from this point.


Gongson Chun Gi continued to whisper into Maksu’s ear.


“I almost didn’t recognize something like you. To think that someone was doing something like this in my ‘area’… I thought my area was complete, but I guess I’m still pretty weak at some parts.”




“Moon rabbit, do you actually imagine that I haven’t seen through your disguise?”






Maksu grit his teeth at the sudden pressure that was exerted onto his body.


‘Damn it……’


This human was very sly.


He was carefully applying more and more force, just enough for Maksu to not die.


In the end, Maksu had to release his strength.




Gongson Chun Gi smiled after seeing this.


“Should’ve come out like this from the start.”


It was exciting.


How did a monster like this appear without him even recognizing it?


And why was it near his daughter?


Did Cho Ryu Hyang not realize this for what it was either?


‘No, that child should’ve realized it from the start.’




Gongson Chun Gi shook his head as he cracked his fingers.


His disciple’s eyes were special.


It seemed to be similar to the eyes that Gongson Chun Gi had, but they were slightly different.


In any case, Gongson Chun Gi pushed away from the questions in his head and walked forward.


Maksu walked back with a frown when he saw this.


Even now, he didn’t know what to do.


‘Damn it.’


But as soon as his eyes met with those of Gongson Chun Gi’s, he grits his teeth.


The other side had no intention of peacefully resolving this.


[Damn it! Are you even human?! Speak truthfully!]


Gongson Chun Gi responded with enthusiasm.


“Kuhehe, a talking rabbit, eh? You’d sell for quite a bit in the market, I reckon.”


[Crazy bastard.]


Maksu dug his feet into the ground and glared at Gongson Chun Gi.


Come to think of it, it didn’t seem like a being like this was included in the promise he made with the glasses kid.


[Other ‘people’ just couldn’t see my power, right?]


Maksu looked around a bit to check if anyone else was around.


There wasn’t.


And since the person in front of him wasn’t even human at this point anyway, he wasn’t breaking his promise.


At least, that was the case to Maksu.


‘It would be a cheat if the boy tried to argue that the thing in front of me was human.’


After reaching this conclusion, Maksu released his power completely.




There was enough energy to make the air itself tremble.


Visible shock appeared in the eyes of Gongson Chun Gi.


He observed Maksu for a few seconds like a piece of art. His mouth opened by itself subconsciously.




How long had it been since the last time he felt this much excitement?


He never felt this excited even when he met Baek Mu Ryang or Neng Mu Gi.


But a moment later, he realized that instead of excitement, he was feeling a threat to his life. His eyes narrowed.


It has been a while, indeed.


“The place is a little too small for the both of us…… would you like to move to somewhere bigger?”


Maksu couldn’t refuse this offer.


[What a good idea, you son of a bitch.]


“Oh my, what potty mouth you have.”


[……Kehehe, I’ll see how long you can stay that arrogant in front of me.]


Gongson Chun Gi grinned.


“You’d have to look at me for quite a while for that?”


[……I’ll make you crawl like a worm.]


“Puhehe, try it, why don’t you?”


Maksu was intent on completely subduing Gongson Chun Gi.


Staying silent for a long time had made quite a lot of trash look down on him.


Gongson Chun Gi felt intense heat spread across his body and smiled.


His body had been feeling a little heavy for quite a bit.


It was something completely different from fat or age.


It almost felt like his physical body itself was becoming heavier on its own.


That wasn’t all.


Nowadays, it felt like he wasn’t even alive anymore.


‘Just what is this feeling, I wonder?’


He had reached the peak of his power.


He had found a disciple he was satisfied with.


There was nothing he should’ve been dissatisfied about.


But for some reason, time seemed to flow extremely slowly.


Almost like… there was no fun in living anymore?


And at a time like this, the rabbit appeared… To Gongson Chun Gi, the rabbit was almost like a blessing.


He had needed something like this.


Gongson Chun Gi lifted his body in the air and opened his mouth.


“Be sure to follow me well, monster.”


[To think I’d be called a monster by a monster… what a day.]


Maksu followed Gongson Chun Gi well, even as he complained to himself.




Gongson Chun Gi ‘flew’ across the sky at an inhuman speed.


As Maksu had thought, this man was not even human at this point.


After landing on a nameless mountain somewhere, Gongson Chun Gi opened his mouth.


“By the way, just what were you doing back there? What was your plan?”


[You think I’d tell you?]


Gongson Chun Gi smiled.


This was what he had wanted. After all, it wouldn’t be fun if the rabbit had told him from the start.


“Well, I suppose I’ll be beating you up until the answer comes right out your mouth.”




After loosening the joints in his body, Gongson Chun Gi took off the bracelets in his arms.


He was planning on going all out from the start.


Maksu looked at this from afar and laughed at Gongson Chun Gi.


[Do you even know who you’re acting like this too?]


“Nope, not interested. I’m just happy that you’re here right now.”




He was happy.


He finally met someone he could go all out on.


When was the last time this was the case?


Probably decades ago, when he was still weaker than his teacher.


But it had truly been a while since he met a match he couldn’t predict the outcome of the battle from.




A dangerous aura bloomed out of Gongson Chun Gi.


His body expanded and his aura became denser than ever before.


The smile on Maksu slowly disappeared.


[……Damn it! Damn it! No matter how I look at it, this is seriously a cheat.]


Maksu mustered all the power he had in his body.


In his current state, he really had to do his best.


Gongson Chun Gi was much, much stronger than he thought.


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  1. I really appreciate Gongson Chu Gi… He is quite an interesting character… He is strong and arrogant, but his arrogance is shown in a funnier (?) way than an annoying bastard way… And I was suspecting that he felt bored in living because nobody could match him or make him feel like living was worth something… What will be his reaction if Maksu reveals the real deal?


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