[LYD SCIFI 1] About The Translation of Khaliafandën

‘I wish for your life to be a symbol of respect for the universe you live in.’ Literature experts often tend to talk about sentences that seem to strike them across the back of their head, or sentences that seem to caress their hearts gently. If I were to talk about Khaliafandën using a similar … More [LYD SCIFI 1] About The Translation of Khaliafandën

[RMB] Prologue

Project Page Chapter 1 Prologue. A mysterious encounter. It’s an amazing thing. Everyone wishes that they would have one, but no one ever manages to get one. This is what a mysterious encounter is. That’s what it’s supposed to be, but… Sometimes, that same encounter could be a curse for some. Like me, for example. … More [RMB] Prologue